Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

December 1 - Our elf on the shelf, Zamboni, brought our Christmas jammies with him when he came down from the North Pole.  Ya gotta love the pj tradition!

December 5-6:  Amy flew into town and we had a girls' night out.  Frederico's Pizza, shopping at Walmart, and Old Navy, and having a sleepover at Mom's house.  Love those ladies!!

December 7:  Bradley was supposed to travel to a hockey tournament this weekend but it was reduced to this game.  He was pretty bummed that the tourney was cancelled because Matt and I booked our weekend plans under the assumption that he'd be gone so he missed out... :(

December 4-7:  Since Bradley and I were otherwise engaged this weekend, Matt took Lauren, Will and Owen on a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure.  Lauren's highlights were: Lightsaber wars, chillin' at the hotel, and drawing classes.  Will's were: riding the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, & Big Thunder Railroad.  Owen loved: making and warring with lightsabers, California Screamin', and loving and being with my family.

December 11:  Belt testing

December 12:  Girl's night out to the Alex Boye concert with Nana and Papa.

December 13: Brunch and Santa at Oakridge in the morning, Gingerbread houses in the evening with the Turner family.

December 19:  We tried on all our ski gear and Owen snuck out to go swinging in his thermals and ski boots.

December 20:  Annual Pierce Christmas Party

December 22:  Grandma Marla and G&G Pierce gave Owen money for Christmas and he knew exactly what he wanted to spend it on... we went to Build-a-Bear and he created a new friend that he named Jack Finn.

December 24:  Annual Christmas Eve luncheon at Lamb's cafe with the Green family.

Afterward we visited Gramsie and saw a deer in her yard.  (Why, oh why didn't I get of picture of her?!)

Christmas Eve family gift and game night (Beanboozled):

December 25:  CHRISTMAS!!  This was the best Christmas in recent memory... everyone was happy, loving, excited, giving, and grateful.  It was a perfect day!!

December 26:  Sleepover with Owen and Lauren at Grandma Marla's house while the other boys are at Bradley's hockey tourney in Arizona.

December 28:  Quick stop at Chuck-E-Cheese for a short date with Owen.
December 30:  Sledding with Owen and Tyler.

December 31:  The whole family is back together just in time to celebrate the new year by skating on the Kaysville Ponds.
Bradley outlasted everyone and stayed at the pond until it was too dark to see the puck.  I picked him up and snapped these final pics of 2015.  Oh how I love this young man...