Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break 2013:  April 1-7th
Matt was in Connecticut this week coaching the U18 Eagles team in the National Championship (they took 3rd!) so we missed being with him, but we had a lot to keep us busy. We took it easy for the first part of the week; the kids just hung out and played with friends.  On Wednesday I took the everyone to the hockey store to get Bradley some bigger pants and shin guards and to fill in the gaps of gear for Will and Owen... because that night they both started learn to skate hockey style! Aren't they cute?!  :)
 On the way home from the hockey store, before we actually went skating, we stopped in for a quick visit to Clark Planetarium.  Jackie's family gave our family a season pass for Christmas - it's nice to pop in for a quick movie and not feel like you have to stay all day to make the most of your entrance fee.  We hung out around the displays for a bit, got some popcorn, and then saw the 3D film "Flight of the Butterflies" which was very interesting.
Thursday-Sunday we went up to our Grand Summit condo for a quick getaway.  We had our neighbors, Molly Oliver and her two boys Jared and Tyler stay one night with us.  It was a fun, but a tiring and expensive weekend.  In addition to smashing the car next to us in a parking lot by opening our car door too quickly ($500 deductible for repairs; are you kidding?! that scratch doesn't seem that big but I guess they have to redo the whole door), my kindle was stepped on and broken, and we got a rock chip that promptly turned into a crack across my entire windshield... sheesh; when it rains it pours.  I was proud of how well I kept it together, especially considering the lack of sleep that usually accompanies being away from your own bed... I did have a little melt down on the phone with Matt but I think it was small and I got over it quickly considering all that was going on.
We spent most of the weekend going back and forth from the condo to Bradley's year end hockey tournament at the Olympic Oval in Kearns.  In addition to playing a game for the tourney on Monday evening, they played a game on Thursday, two on Friday, and three on Saturday.  The younger kids were tired of hockey but bribing them with food & treats, $ for walking the track in the oval, screen time on their electronics, and promises of late night swimming at the condo got us through the weekend.  The following pictures are of the semi-final game... they played the other team from Davis County.  It was a hard game because all the boys on the opposing team are such great friends but obviously there can only be one winner.  Luckily it was us ;) and were were able to move on to the championship game.
The championship game was against the Ogden Wildcats.  It was a similar situation to the game against the Davis team because there are a lot of boys from both teams that play together on the Eagles all-star team... it was fun to see the boys play so hard but be such good buddies with their competition. Bradley's team won this game too; undefeated in the tournament - state champs!!
It was a nice way to end the season because just the week before, the Eagles comp team that Bradley plays on had a heartbreaking (oh my, oh so heartbreaking - overtime, shootout) loss in the championship game for the Iron Cup tournament.  Hooray for finishing the hockey season on a high note! :)


  1. Congrats to Bradley and Wow, that is a lot of Hockey:). I know that the worst thing about watching sports with little ones is that you DON'T GET TO WATCH!. I was usually at the playground with the little ones when Drew and Caleb were playing football or Soccer, a little bit for baseball, but for that, you can watch from far away and still get the jist of what is going on and who is doing what:). We loded it when our boys played sports and I miss it since the two lazy-boys came along, but you just want them to be happy and comfortable in anything they choose to do right? :)

    Sorry about the expensive weekend, was it your car that got dinged or the neighboring car? 9When I was at one of Caleb's baseball games and was running both Jacob and Logan to their games, I accidentally backed into a guys Harley with the was low to the ground and I couldn't see it out the back window. It just knocked it over, but the guy took it to be 'fixed' and it was almost $1,000, NO BUENO!)
    You are good to invite friends to come. The season pass to the Planetarium is such a cool idea...but what else do we expect from our Jackie right?

  2. Congrats Bradley! I'm glad the season ended on a positive note. I hope that you like the Planetarium. The movies are too 'old' for our kids, but they still enjoy the experience anyway. And who would turn down free popcorn, right? :) And bummer about the car and the Kindle. I'm proud of you for keeping your cool though, that's so hard to do. 10,000 points to you!