Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Lauren was in a variety show for her Centre Stage class.  They did a medley of songs from Oklahoma and it was fun to watch her light up on stage.  The bottom picture is of her and her friend Emily.

And just in case you haven't seen enough (I assure you I'm only sharing a snippet of what we're watching), here's more hockey... This is Bradley playing on his comp team, the Eagles.  The last shot is fun - it's right as he scored.  He's on the far right and you can see the puck in the net just behind the goalie.


  1. Very fun, I'm glad your kids are making such great memories.

  2. I would love to see Lauren up on stage! That is totally her element! And that shot that you caught of Bradley's is so awesome!

  3. Oh, and I love your new washer and dryer. Are they downstairs or did you remove your countertop upstairs?