Thursday, August 6, 2015

June 2015

6/2 - I started radiation!  I go every day for 28 treatments (six-ish weeks).  More details are on my cancer blog. (Which, really only you three sisters and my immediate family read my blog and you already know the details, lol).

6/4 - Last Day of School & Tanner's birthday celebration!  We were lucky to be able to celebrate the last day of school with the Leishman and Sharp families.  Yay!!

6/6 - Home Depot Kid's Workshop:  This is the first time we've done the free kids workshop and it is a must to repeat!  Matt took the boys and they had a fabulous time building their trucks.

6/7 - Dinner at Grandma's house:  Seriously, I am the world's worst photographer... I didn't even get a picture of Grandma in here!  We had a nice afternoon visiting with the Leishmans & Fonnesbecks in celebration of the Sharp family being in town.  The kids loved to get together and Grandma's new house was a great place for partying!

June 8-10:  Will, Owen & the Leishman boys go to climbing camp and have a sleepover.  This was a riot for the boys.  I still feel pretty bummed about it though because Amy was in town and I scheduled this without thinking things through (because I thought I could drop the boys off and go play with her - but wasn't thinking that her girls might want to play with the boys too and now they were otherwise occupied - dumb move)  Anywho, all the boys had fun and hopefully Jackie got a break and Mom and Amy got to enjoy some time together.  The week after the boys took climbing camp, Lauren took it as well with the older age group.  No pics (boo) but she loved it (yay)!  We have definite plans to return!

6/15 - Playing in their tree fort, I love it when the boys are outside having fun and getting dirty:

6/19 - It's official - Bradley has his license!!

After he got his license, we stopped off for celebratory shave ice at a place called "Hakulia."  We can't ever pronounce it correctly so we've started to call it "hock a lugi."  Don't let that name fool you though because it is yummy!

6/20 - First time of the season taking the boat out.  I had enough energy to surf for about 5 minutes but it was enough for a good pic.  Bradley, on the other hand, could surf all day and not get tired - he's getting really good.

6/21 - Father's Day:  1) I got this fun pic from my dad showing me his new cowboy hat he bought himself for Father's Day. 2) Cute pic of Owen reading Matt his card. 3) The pic of the flat tire happened while driving home from church on Father's day.  This has a story behind it but I don't have permission from the driver to publicly share the details... she's still in a bit of shock over it. ;-)

6/22 - Will wanted to bake something by himself... cue the delicious chocolate bundt cake.

6/22-26 - This week my boys were in swimming lessons.  They were both upset about having to take lessons because they argued they could already swim.  I told them it was their "safety job" as kids to take lessons until they could swim the length of the pool without stopping... they didn't like that reasoning but it didn't matter because they ended up loving their lessons!  I also need to interject the fact that Bradley ended up taking them to and from 4 out of 5 of their lessons because it was too rushed for me to do it after radiation.  The perks of having another driver in the house are wonderful!!!  I didn't get any pictures of the boys in lessons but here are some cute pics with them and their Leishman cousins... they've come with us a few times this summer and it makes our swim time even more wonderful!

6/24 - Lauren was at Girl's Camp from the 22-24th (no pictures yet!) and I met her and the group up at the Weber River on their way home.  They scheduled a tubing activity and I thought it would be best to go with Lauren for moral support and fun.  It was a good idea because some of the river was rough, a lot of girls fell out of their tubes and they needed as many adults to help as possible.  In addition to the rapids, the water was SO cold, it took a week for my hip flexors to loosen up!  It was great to do the river run together though and although there were a few tears shed and some big scratches gained during the beginning of the adventure, Lauren was proud of herself for sticking with the hard activity and finishing it with a huge smile!
While we were tubing, Bradley took care of the boys and won the cutest brother ever award by taking them to Lagoon.  When we got home we heard all their fun details but I totally laughed when I saw Owen wearing his thick knit pj bottoms and a too big long sleeve t-shirt that he'd "designed" with permanent markers.  He'd worn this fashionable ensemble to Lagoon in 90+ degree temps.  Bradley, in a stereotypical male way, didn't see anything wrong with the way O was dressed. LOL!!

6/25 - Lauren's tattoos that she drew to make herself a cyborg & Owen's tattoos from a birthday party:

6/26 -  Boating with Marcus and Krischelle's family.  They are the dang cutest.  Again, I was crappy in the picture taking department and didn't get any fairly decent pictures other than these.

6/27 - We went boating again the next day (and since I'm writing this post near the end of summer I can say that although we went 3x in June, we haven't been back since!  It's a good thing we got a lot of days in then...)  Anyway, this boating experience was missing Lauren (no desire to go) and Will (at scout camp) so we spent a lot of time with Owen trying new things.  He tried surfing by himself (Bradley helped him start) for the first time and he got up on the third try.  The experience was priceless and I'm so glad I got it on video!  Great way to end this post. :)


  1. I LOVED the video at the end...your screams and squeals of excitement and encouragement were AWESOME! :)
    I also love the outfit Owen wore to Lagoon and that B didn't see anything wrong with it. Classic boys...gotta love them.:D
    Yay for all the fun activities you and the fam took part in; I am glad you were there for Lauren, it sounds like lots of fun!
    WooHoo for Willer's cake!

  2. I love this and especially that you took some pictures of our time together since I didn't get hardly any! That's crazy and fun that Bradley has his license now, and also a big help I bet. Fun summer!