Friday, March 15, 2013

February 1st Half

Lauren was in the district spelling bee.  She did a great job and missed the cutoff to move to the finals by about 5 kids.  She spent a lot of time studying her spelling words - we're proud of your hard work Lola!
In addition to playing hockey with the Davis Wind this season, Bradley played on a comp team with the U14 Eagles.  A couple of times this year they've been able to play in the Maverick Center - SO fun!  The kids loved being there and sitting on the complete opposite side of the arena as me. :)  I love the pictures of Matt coaching Bradley, they have a lot of fun together.

Lauren turned 12 this year!!  She wanted an ice cream bar instead of birthday cake - yum!  
Lauren is now officially in Young Women!  The YW placed this birthday flag in our yard and the Beehives gave her a "heart attack" on our front door.
We went to Teppanyaki for dinner with Nana and Papa - another yum.  It was Will and Owen's first time eating there and they loved watching the food being prepared and catching the shrimp.

The highlight of Lauren's birthday was when we gave her tickets to the Taylor Swift concert that's coming in June.  We can't wait!! :) 
Lauren's favorite things at 12 years old: "I like to read, write, dance, make up songs, Harry Potter books and movies, and the TV show Once Upon a Time.  I believe in fairy creatures and fairy tales.  I want to try bungee jumping or parasailing or something exciting like that."  :)
Happy birthday Lo - we love you!


  1. It is great to see Matt's mom looking so well! Happy Birthday to Lauren...weird to have two in Ym/YW huh:)?

  2. So nice to see what you and your fam are up too. Yay for Lauren doing so well and for her turning 12. I can't believe she is that old! Time sure flys. So jealous of Teppanyaki, YUMO! Sure love you guys. P.S. Thanks for my birthday text, it was nice to be remembered.

  3. Happy birthday Lauren! I can't believe that she is in Young Women's now. I've never eaten at Tepanyaki's before, it looks cool. And I love that Bradley is able to have his dad right along side him while he plays hockey. How cool is that?